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The well-being 💆‍♀️

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Why you love a massage?

Because it let's you let go of everything? cause it let's you feeling your whole body? you forget everything around and ... how to say, love your life?

how would it be if you would relive this moment more times, like every day! what if you could like remind yourself of this episode of complete relaxation of body and mind and just feeling good. anytime during a day. every day.

basically anything that you can feel your body, stretch it, move it, dance it! and you let go your mind of any structures or forms. where you arrive in this other world.... okay i'm getting too far. but imagine the last time you were dancing to the exact perfect beatet music, the last time you watched a fire, moving to the beat or even getting massaged! get it! get this moment every day in your life.

like you can get it from surfing, waveriding (why does this word not exist in the book?!!) battling with wind aka kitesurfing (for more details see blog:)

climbing walls (and trees), or the royal discipline of yoga (most beautiful on the rooftop)

a bathtup would be matching here as well. nextlevelbuslife ???

Ps: to dance to your favourite music does it too!

(for more details see playlist SPOTIFY and there is so much more...🤩 )

we are giving you the opportunity to hop in for a little moment, in this world of dreams and wonderful sphares 🤩

by drinking your morningcoffe in the @velvetblue miriamug*, to remind you for a second every day, to move your body, feel the moment and let go of thoughts and kind of love your life in this very moment! enjoy!

Do you often feel cold at night and wish you had something cozy to keep you warm? Imagine that it even whispers in your ear that the world is full of wonders and that this little moment counts. Feel good. Feel free! Enjoy the moment! So get yourself a sweater 👕 in your favorite color, in our boutique, so you can be warm and enjoy your moments of happiness.

How about a cunning fox 🦊 or a gracefully enthroned stag 🦌?

Sabine Koschier describes the message of the stag as follows:

"Among the Celts, the stag was a symbol of masculinity and life energy. He is considered the king of the forest and stands for responsibility, respect and wisdom. Since it sheds its antlers every winter and grows new ones every spring, with an additional branching, it also stands for spiritual growth. As a power animal, he encourages taking responsibility, solving problems with calm and serenity, and finding one's place in the world..."

by the way, lifehack: when you feel heavy und baggy (amazing german translation, didn't know that word exists;D) sackartigherabhängend and you crave a massage...

then lay on you belly, take 2-3 breath in and out, stretch a little, and then take your arms over your head, bend your elbows so you can lay your hands on your shoulders. and then give yourself a massage. it works as well!

Allez, à plus....









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► Or go to the online STORE and find an insulated bottle, mug or hooded sweet that can be useful to you in your next shipment 😉

Every gesture counts, Thank you in advance to everyone!






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