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Fond de page d'acceuil avec une image du bus vintage

Get inspired by nature, bring it into your world...


Dare to go on an adventure, leave the daily routine and  free your mind.

VelvetBlue transports you to a bohemian world created by our nomadic life through our journeys, travels, meetings, our projects and of course our "buslife" with our rolling house.

Follow us and let us take you into happiness.

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Hello and welcome here 👋

I imagine that you did not arrive on this page by chance...

So you have an interest in the nomad way of life as well as life in a vehicle...

Either for my part, I chose to live in a big bus 🚌


Commonly called #buslife for experts.

Flèche grise

Come join us on our  Instagram account: @

Filmmaker / Photo / Decoration
Portrait de Roch Yoann

I am Yoann Roch born in the 80s.

I am passionate about creativity, travel and photography, fascinated by colors, staging and encounters.

I am both bohemian and conscientious, which makes my character particularly suitable for nomadic life...​

Le Fondateur

Créatif    --->


🚌 ...

But what is VelvetBlue actually? 

VelvetBlue is the little name of our house, in short of our house on wheels… A nomadic habitat in a way. “Setra bus from 1975”

It took us a lot of patience and energy to bring this project to life and start...

Design Bottle "DEER"

I live from exchange, sharing and above all creativity.

With my project 

VelvetBlue, je wishes to share a part of my nomadic life. 🚌


I want to inspire my community and introduce this way of life to as many people as possible!

Because I am persuaded that happiness is to have a free, chosen and surrounded life.

Support us...

Bottle "DEER"


Flèche grise
Bottle "DEER"


Besides, this lifestyle makes me happy  😀 

Coucher de soleil à Tarifa

It allows me to meet wonderful people... 👀

Lever de soleil à Torrox

To change gardens whenever I want 

🏝️ 🏔️ 🌲 🏜️ 🗺️

Bus VelvetBlue dans la neige

To follow the sun for energy. Battery ⚡️ and vitamin D 😉

Of course, this also has drawbacks.

You can follow my various social media to find out.

I often share my troubles there. 😅

Surfer sur une plage à Bali


For your prochaines expeditions, your next yoga sessions or van trips, you will find mugs and insulated bottles in the shop hood, ideal to accompany you on these different journeys. 🗺️ 

Buy me a coffee

Original, but very trendy in the world of nomadic creators like me.

In a way, you offer me a little coffee from where  you are ☺️

Follow me

Come and follow my adventures, my struggles, my favorites and beautiful images on different social networks.

You will also sometimes find tips on the nomadic way of life. 🚌

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Surfer sur une plage à Bali

To support me...

To be part of this adventure and to encourage me to pursue this dream of difficulties and happiness, you can support me in different ways.

It's this way...

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