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Once upon a time VelvetBlue...

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

In 2012, I had the chance and the joy of being able to acquire a bus from the Setra Kässborher brand, more particularly, the marvelous S150 model with its magnificent curves!!!

I transform it, pamper it, make its interior my cocoon, my home, my landmark.

Its name came to me from its colors (a little faded…) VelvetBlue, officially baptized with champagne of course!!!

Since then, I haven't stopped devouring the bitumen while discovering my small but nevertheless wonderful country that is Switzerland and making encounters, each more rewarding than the next, that's the spirit of travel!!! The spirit that makes me love this way of life, the famous #buslife that originated in America, with the SkoolieBus phenomenon transformed into a small house.

Often, the desire to escape outside the borders of the Swiss Confederation takes me, desire to leave to discover other countries and to meet other cultures, other visions of life, to discover the other in going to meet him (because it seems that there are some) in the company of my accomplice, VelvetBlue.

When it was acquired in 2012, it was not in good shape, it had not been driven for several years, it was locked in a barn without really seeing the light of the sun.

But tempis, I take the risk!

I fell in love with its retro style, its rounded curves typical of the 70s, I already have in mind the long hours spent criss-crossing the roads at the wheel of this 12-meter monster.

I still don't realize that this big pile of scrap metal will completely change my life!!!

Here, I pay my seller, he helps me understand what the little buttons on the dashboard are for and I hit the road with this 1975 machine without any guarantee that it will manage to complete 1500 meters 😅

To my great surprise, it is really pleasant to drive this coach, it is flexible and easy to handle! I wouldn't have believed it. But you should know that there is no power steering, so when driving it's nice, on the other hand for maneuvers, it's other things!!!

I learn, I try, and I end up taming it. It's becoming more and more obvious that I'm going to make it my home.

I change the interior layout little by little, I take a few jolts by renovating the electrical circuit of the living area and I try to become autonomous with regard to energies. Installation of solar panels and installation of water tanks. I learn the world of sanitary and carpentry, I become clever in optimizing space and ingenious in creating new ones. I soon know every corner of the bus by heart and where every screw is!!

I am happy because my life allows me to meet a lot of people on the roads. Enthusiasts or the curious stop to visit my house and wonder about this way of life, to which I respond with pleasure.

The more time passes, the more the idea of sharing my lifestyle grows, I seek how, I seek a goal. And I ended up creating

First to simply share my way of life with some texts and photos and then other ideas will be added to it and now here it is as you know it.

I share my passions, ideas trying to immerse you closer to my atmosphere of life. An atmosphere, a style or as you wish, but beautiful and well in a bohemian spirit.









► To support my lifestyle and also, what can become my job, you have the opportunity to offer me one or more coffees ☕️ with the following link: Buy me a coffee.

► Or go to the online STORE and find an insulated bottle, mug or hooded sweet that can be useful to you in your next shipment 😉

Every gesture counts, Thank you in advance to everyone!






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