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Ayodele au bord de  l'eau

Your moment for a better world...

Inside & outside

logo Ayodele

«A better world starts within ourself»

That’s why Ayodele wants to help as many people to live a better version of themself, to create a better world. As i still struggle myself i wanna take you on my journey to let Ayodele be alive. 


Who is Ayodele? Yes, for this you need to be a bit crazy. Cause Ayodele is this fire, this power inside of us, that is passionate about things that want to create an amazing fairytale world and ejoy life to the fullest. And sometimes she has to fight against other voices inside us, that prefer to be lazy..i mean, i hope you feel with me…. Let’s be crazy, not lazy. We can create this amazing mezmerizing world - inside and outside 😃


Her plan? With empowering each and everyone a little bit more to live life to the fullest, so you have the power to create amazing things 😃 i am convinced with more selflove, more efficient metime we can avoid many hours of sadness, not knowing, doubting, overthinking... I spent a lot of time doing that and finding solutions. So:

Yoga – connects us with our body, to love him, to feel good in him

🔸 on my youtube channel you'll find videos (english) with classes to do yoga with me as well as explinations for specific poses to do yoga for yourself. Still i recommend you to go to classes life to learn it in real. My videos should just help you to implement yoga in your daily life. If you’re interested about classes in real with me, see here (link offers)

Meditation – connects you with your inner selfs, to make better decisions, to more in peace

🔸 on my youtube page channel you’ll find videos to meditate with different topics, for the moment only swiss german.

Knowledge –  there is a lot of wise people, monks, gurus, psyvhotherapeuts and so on that share a lot of wisdom and knowledge, how we can ameliorate our mind

🔸 in my blog i want to share all the wisdom and knowledge that i gained about being healthy, about our mind and maybe assure you that we all have the same annoying thoughts sometimes.

Celebrate life – with the productions of happy hormons we can be happy – and that’s what we want in the end right?

🔸 Let yourself be inspired on my instagram to celebrate the happy moments in life

I want to motivate and inspire you to do what you love, that gives you energy with doing what i love and gives me energy.

Sharing those magic moments when the sun kisses the skin at the ocean or on top of the mountain. To dance and do the silly to celebrate the moment. to prepare and enjoy delicious food. and finally to look after body, mind & soul with yoga, meditation and all the interesting alternative healing methods that exist out there. 




ps: Please excuse my words sometimes - i adore to create new ones :)))

Vague avec coucher de soleil


coucher de soleil avec salut


couple et bisous avec coucher de soleil


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